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John Earl Cole

08/18/82 - 07/21/01

John - April 2001


My Angel of LOVEÖ.
My Rainbow of HOPEÖ.
FOREVER deep in my SOULÖ.

Thank you for all the many ways you touched my heart and my life. I will always love and remember you. With all my heart, Krystal



Rainbows appear after mighty storms,
When things look their very worst.
Just when skies are darkest gray,
Look for the rainbow first.
The rainbow is a sign of Godís promise,
That He will guide us through all our trials.
No matter what their form,
When you feel battered by lifeís storms,
And you are filled with doubt and dismay,
Just remember Godís rainbow will come,
For itís only a prayer away.

For John

I miss you so,
I wish you didnít have to go.
I may never understand why,
No matter how hard I try.
You brought so much to everyone,
How could your work have really been done.
There just are not enough words to describe the good in you,
People with a heart like yours is few.
Thank you for everything from my heart,
I knew you truly were special right from the start.
I am selfish and I donít want you to go far away,
I will always think of you each day.
As long as I feel you are near,
I know you will help me with my fear.
So as you take care of everything,
Iíll count on you to bring,
That love you brought from the start.

Written on August 13, 2001 to my precious John who was just like my own son even though I wasnít the one who gave birth to him. John, you will always be missed and have that special place in my heart.

Thank youÖ. Mom  Submitted by Viola Deason


Grief is not simply an additional punishment, some horrible sequel to the death. Nor is it merely a process of adjustment. There will be times for the rest of your life when you will yearn for the presence of your loved one. But those feelings can also be accompanied by pleasure in remembrance as well as by satisfaction and pride in the present. Grief is, in a sense, a gift that the dead give up to the living, their final legacy. From the grieving process, we can gain empathy, wisdom, and appreciation for life. We gain something of what they were. We incorporate their values in the way we treat others, in the ways we see the world, and in our memory. Death changes the living. Grief is the journey you take from the person you used to be to the person you become.

"There is no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."

An Angels Kiss

We go through life so often,
Not stopping to enjoy the day.
And we take each one for granted,
As we travel on our way.
For in your pain and sorrow,
An Angelís Kiss will help you through,
This kiss is very private,
For it is meant for only you.
We never stop to measure,
Anything we just might miss.
But if the wind should blow by softly,
Youíll feel an Angelís Kiss.
A kiss that is sent from heaven,
A kiss from up above.
A kiss that is very special,
From someone that you love.
So when your hearts are heavy,
And filled with tears and pain,
And no one can console you,
Remember once againÖAbout the ones you grieve for,
Because you sadly miss
And the gentle breeze you took for granted,
Was just an Angelís Kiss.

To Those I Love and Those Who Love MeÖÖ..

When I am gone, release me. I have so many things to see and do. You mustnít tie yourself to me with tears. Be thankful for our beautiful years.

I gave to you my love. You can only guess how much you gave to me in happiness. I thank you for the love you each have shown. But now itís time I traveled on alone.

So grieve awhile for me, if grieve you must, then let your grief be comforted by trust. Itís only for a time that we must part. So bless the memories within your heart.

I wonít be far away, for life goes on. So if you need me, call and I will come. Though you canít see or touch me, Iíll be near. And if you listen with your heart, youíll hear all my love around you soft and clear.

And then, when you must come this way alone, Iíll greet you with my smile, and say "welcome home."

A Message From a Friend In Heaven

Perhaps you arenít ready yet
To have to say goodbye
Perhaps youíve thought of things
You wish youíd saidówell, so have I.
For one thing, Iíd have told you
Not to worry about meÖ..
Iím with the Lord in Heaven nowó
You knew thatís where Iíd be.
Iím sorry that youíre feeling sad,
For Iím so happy nowÖ..
Iíve asked the Lord to ease the hurt
And comfort you somehow.
Itís hard at the beginning,
But I know youíll make it throughÖ..
I hope it helps to know
That Iíll be waiting here for you.


You touched so many lives in so many ways. You were and will always be loved by so many. You will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten.

All your family, friends and loved ones.

Please click here to see the unsolved case page for John Earl Cole.




"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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