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Dear Fellow Survivor,

The New Mexico Survivors of Homicide want you to know that you are not alone during this tragic time--or in the terrible days to come.  All of us are surviving the murder of someone dear to us--a child, a sibling, a grandchild, a niece/nephew, a friend.  None of us ever wanted to belong to this group, but the choice was made for us by the person(s) who murdered our loved one.  And so, we extend our condolences on your loss and encourage you to contact us when you feel the need to.

A sudden death - especially one where the life was deliberately and maliciously taken - gives rise not only to the usual feelings of grief, it creates a whole other set of reactions.  One of the most common, we have found, is the feeling that you are "going crazy".  We want to reassure you that you are not going crazy.   The feelings you are having are normal responses to an abnormal event.  Unless you plan to harm yourself or someone else, almost anything you feel is "normal."

We want you to know that we are available if you have questions or just want to talk.   Friends and relatives quickly "burn out", leaving you without your usual support system.

We encourage you to think of yourself not as a homicide "victim" but as a homicide "survivor." You will survive, even though there are days when you will not feel able to go on.

We hope that the information provided here may give you at the very least some insight in to what you are experiencing.


"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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