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Several law enforcement agencies and the loved ones of 102 murder victims from New Mexico are reaching out for your help through these pages.

These cases are unsolved or are in need additional information to make arrests. If you have any  information  on  any unsolved violent crimes please contact your local  authorities. You may contact Crimestoppers in Albuquerque at  505-843-STOP (505-843-7867) or you may call State Crimestoppers from anywhere in the country at 1-800-432-6933,  you will remain anonymous.   The families of murder victims whose cases remain  unsolved  are suffering and we need to bring the criminals to justice.  As long as these cases remain unsolved,  the murderers are walking the streets, maybe even in your neighborhood.  We can also pass on any tips,  or information to the proper authorities if you would like to email us.

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Note:  The First Name and Last Name fields will do a wild card search on end of the data that you enter.  For example, if you are looking for a victim with the first name of Raymond you could enter Ray and any cases where the first 3 letters of the victims first name matched would be displayed.  An entry of Ray would find the name Raymond, but and entry of Raymond would not find the name of Ray.

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