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Steven M. Duran


In Loving Memory Steven M. Duran

All we have are pictures now,
a frozen piece of time.
To remind us of our broken hearts,
that you have left behind.

We see your smiling eyes,
each morning when we wake.
We talk to you, and I place a kiss,
upon your lovely face.

How much we miss you being here,
we really cannot say.
The pain is deep within our hearts,
and it will never go away.

We hear it mentioned often,
that time will heal our pain.
But if we're being honest,
we hope it will remain.

We need to feel you constantly,
to get us through the day.
We loved you very much,
why did you go away?

Two careless young men
took your life, that really wasn't fair.
They took our one and only Son,
our future life, our heir.

If only they had asked us,
if we would take your place.
We would have done so willingly,
leaving you this world to grace.

A thousand times we've needed you,
a thousand times we've cried.
If our love alone could have saved you,
you never would have died.

You should have had so many years,
to watch your life unfold.
And in the mist of this,
watch dad and me grow old!

I know you're watching from above,
the daily things we do.
Let there be no doubt my love,
we truly do love you.

Mom (Mary Ann) Dad (Ray),
and Sister (Monica)



"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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