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Update! Robert Fry, 30 arrested for these two brutal murders.


Joseph Fleming & Matthew Trecker
Farmington, NM

In the early morning hours of November 29, 1996 (the morning after Thanksgiving), two adult males - Matthew Trecker (a.k.a. Matthew Frank), 18, and Joseph Fleming, 24 - were murdered at 109 N. Allen, Farmington, inside a business known as The Eclectic.  The murders were committed at night while the business was closed, and Trekker had been living inside the business with the owner's permission at the time of the murders.  Fleming, who was a close friend of Trecker's, had stopped by the business late at night to play a video game on a computer inside the business.

The murders were committed with an edged weapon, and the bodies were discovered when police investigated a call concerning a broken storefront window at the business.   The ensuing investigation resulted in the Farmington Police Department identifying a suspect, but no criminal charges have been filed as of yet due to a lack of sufficient evidence.

The Eclectic enjoyed a unique place in the Farmington business scene.  It had only been in business for about six months before the murders and went out of business a month after.  The merchandise sold in the store consisted of knives, swords, incense, masks, t-shirts, and other clothing.  The store was not considered successful as a business venture, and its real purpose seemed to be a place where disaffected youth could congregate.  The age range for those who habitually hung out at the store was from 16 to about 21.  These teenagers and young adults would be present during business hours and after those hours for various activities.

Investigators believe that the suspect in these murders may have discussed the killings with other people since the incident occurred in 1996.  Anyone with information which may assist in bringing this case to trial is encouraged to contact either Detective Sergeant Doug Kennedy with the Farmington Police Department at (505) 599-1017; Deputy District Attorney June Stein at (505) 325-7555; or San Juan County Crimestoppers at (505) 334-8477.  Callers do not need to reveal their identity; however, investigators would prefer to speak directly to individuals with information, either in-person or via telephone.

If you or anyone you know has information about the murders of these two young men we urge you to help.  You may contact any of the numbers above or
email us.  Any information about this murder, as insignificant as it seems, may be important!


"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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