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01/27/1988 - 12/21/2003

Miles Quentin Martinez

Miles was born on 1-27-88 to Anastncio & Judith Martinez from Mora, NM, He has one older brother Austin.  However they never called each other by their names, they simply called each other brother!

Miles was murdered on Dec. 21, 2003 while visiting in Alb. & doing some final X-Mas shopping.  He died in his brothers arms while on the way to the hospital.  His final words were, "Don't worry Brother, I'll be okay!, Just take me to a doctor."

Miles was only 15 yrs old, but he had already made plans for his future, he wanted to be a lawyer.  Now his plans have changed, he wants to be an Angel. His life here on earth has passed the first & hardest test.  Currently he is working towards helping his family, friends and loved ones, so he can meet them in Heaven at a later date.

Miles, we will be there soon, May God continue at your side.  Good Luck in your future.  We love and miss you dearly.

Love Mom, Dad, Brother, Family & Friends.


"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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