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Special Handling, Please..
Mary J. Pinkava

I was handed a package the other day.
It was wrapped securely to be mailed away.
Attached to the outside as plain as could be
Was a simple note for all to see.
Please rush through the holiday season;
Too painful to open for any reason.
Contained within, find one broken heart—
Fragile, shattered, falling apart.
Tried to go shopping the other day;
The hype of the season blew me away.
Sat down to write cards,
That was insane.
Couldn’t find the list
Or remember name.
People say, "Come over."
"Be of good cheer."
"Celebrate the Holidays."
"Prepare a New Year."
But my grief overwhelms me
Like waves in the sea.
Can they cope with my crying;
An unsettled me?
I don’t have any holiday cheer,
Decorations, traditions, big family meal.
I can’t do it this year.
Do you know how I feel?
Guilty and frustrated!
I’ve let everyone down!
Our holiday celebrations
Used to be the best ones in town.
So just ship me away
Address unknown.
When my grief is over,
I might come back home.

Signed Broken Heart

I just couldn’t send Broken Heart away,
So I jotted a note and left it that day.

Dear Broken Heart:

The death of your loved one
Has forced you to start
A new kind of living
That’s hard on the heart.

Undecorating your life
Of its angers and fears
Is not easy to do
Without the shedding of tears.

And untying your guilt
Can release a bundle of strife.
Questions are stirred up
About living and life.

Don’t be concerned now
With invitations, big meals.
See how the little stuff
Handles and feels.

Let the love of your family,
Neighbors, or friends
Uphold and sustain you
When you’re at loose ends.

Most are eager to be there,
Willing to share.
Tell them your need,
And they’ll show you they care.

They’ll take you shopping,
Write cards, even cook.
Let that stuff go now,
Get yourself off the hook.

You need time for healing,
You’ve much work to do.
Your heart needs mending.
Give that gift to YOU.

Take a walk, read a book,
Try a new hair style.
Make sure it’s relaxing,
Makes you pause, rest while.

When Holiday invitations
Knock at your door.
Don’t say “Yes” to five
When you only want four.

If you want to remember
Your loved one who died,
Plant a tree, give a gift,
Let your heart be your guide.

This season of wonder
Can bring you relief
If you’re wiling to unwrap
Your tears and your grief.

Please listen, Broken Heart,
Stay close and please dare
To open your package a
And let others care.

Your Friend, C.U.Soon


"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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