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Loving you was being able to set you free
When God said it was to be.
Loving you was letting you go
Knowing that I need you so.
Loving you was saying good-bye
It's hard-- but I'll try.
I thought it would be easy as time goes on
Not always, but you taught me how to be strong.
I set you free
Not because I wanted, but because you never belonged to me.
Loving you has taught me not to be selfish
Loving you is something I can always cherish.

I love you kid brother, you will always be in my heart and a prayer for you will always be on my lips.  I will always keep your memory strong, that way you can continue to live on.  We think of you often; sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I cry until I laugh thinking about how much I miss you; then thinking about something stupid that you did.  We fought like cats and dogs; as sisters and brothers will often do; but no one could break the bond between us two.  I am so proud to be able to say you were my brother, I tell everyone I meet about you.  I talk so much about sometimes it is hard to believe that you are gone.  Sometimes it seems like you left yesterday, and sometimes I miss you so much it seems like it has been a lifetime. For the people who reads this message from my heart I feel your pain if you have lost someone so needlessly, and for those that have not; cherish the ones that  you love; for you never know when tomorrow might be today.

My brother was Kirvin Templeton; killed by a coward when he was 25 years old.  He was shot in the head while his back was turned. My heart is still saddened with an emptiness; however, my heart is no longer filled with hate.
Thanks NMSOH for allowing me the space to pour out my heart. 

God Bless,



"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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