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The Angels Took My Sister

The Angels took my sister,
From the mountain near Kangding.
The Angels took my sister,
I wish she hadnít felt a thing.
The Angels took my sister
Away against her will.
They took away my sister,
Oh how I love her still.

I wonít believe she was ready to go,
The Aunt my children will never know.
But Sheís still around, Sheís very near,
If  Iím quiet I can almost hear
Her bubbly laugh, her smiley chat,
And bargaining for this and that!

Bags of food around she lugs,
As she bounces in with big-sister hugs.
DMís, tanned legs & mini-skirts,
A fabulous smile & a bit of a flirt.
Funky, fab, fun & fluorescent,
Wonderful, cool, groovy, excellent!

In the mirror, I see her hiding in my face,
When I cry, I feel her warm embrace.
Shirine was so beautiful, bright & young,
Cheeky, intelligent, lively & strong.
Loud yet sensitive, gentle yet eccentric,
And when she spoke, you knew she meant it.

So the Angels took my sister,
My sweet, accepting Shirine.
The Angels took my sister,
But not the bond between.
The Angels took my sister,
And they set her spirit free.
But they took away my sister,
Before She said goodbye to me.

                       Kiera Harburn 


"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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