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Larry J. Castellon

01/28/72 - 03/03/01

Larry J. Castellon

Larry was 29 years old. He worked as a security officer for the past seven years. Larry was the youngest of five siblings. He enjoyed his work and knew how dangerous it could be. He wasn’t worried. He enjoyed his job and helping the local and state police whenever he could. I see my brother Larry as a great role model because he died doing something good for our society and the community of Albuquerque. He wore a badge like a law enforcement agent. He wanted to get rid of criminals in our society just like the police officers do. Lie wanted to make our streets a safe place to walk in. Larry’ had a job that consisted of protecting business owner’s property. Not very many people will put their lives on the line for someone they don’t know. Larry was a very’ special person for doing this. He had integrity, confidence, and the skills he needed to try and survive. He was a very bold man. But this time, Larry’ could not protect himself because he never saw the gun being pulled out to shoot him. I think he was expecting the murderer and his accomplices to drive away and that would be that. He had no time to defend himself or to think his life was in serious danger. Larry was shot and killed by some ignorant, senseless gangsters who had nothing better to do that early morning, except cause trouble, which ended up costing my brother’s life.

My family and I have been immensely devastated by my brother’s death. We cannot describe how much pain we are in knowing how he died and knowing that we will never see him again. He is the first member of our immediate family to die and therefore it has been extremely hard on us.

Larry we want you to know that we will never forget you. You will always have a place in our hearts. We will miss you at all of our family socials and birthday parties. We will miss your funny stories, your laughter, your smile, and the way you played around with the kids. We will also miss the way you wrestled with Joel and how the both of you downed around. Mom misses you so much and has so much pain inside of her you can see it in her face. She has gone through so much since your death and she says she can’t take anymore. She can’t wait for the day when she will see you again. We will all see you again some day soon. ft is a place where no one can hurt us. It is a place where there is nothing but peace. This is the place that you are experiencing now. The place where you will some day open up the door and say to us "welcome home."

Larrry J. Castellon


My dearest little brother,
Everyday I think of you,
Not a day goes by when you’re not in my thoughts.

My dearest little brother, 
Everyday I hear your voice say my name, 
Not a moment goes by when I don’t see your face.

My dearest little brother, 
Everyday I hear you laugh and smile, 
Not a moment goes by when I wish you were here with us.

My dearest little brother, 
Everyday I think of all the happy and sad times we had, Not a moment goes by when I don’t shed a tear for you.

My dearest little brother, 
Everyday that your not here makes it harder to accept, 
Not a moment goes by when I pray that you are resting in peace.

My dearest little brother, 
Everyday I pray that justice will be served in your name,
Not a moment goes by when I hear the court ruling in your favor.

My dearest little brother, 
Everyday I see your body lying on the ground, 
Not a day goes by when I wish it wasn’t you.


"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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