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Luis Garcia, Matthew Hunt & Kevin Shirley
Albuquerque - East Mountain

Luis Garcia Matt Hunt Kevin Shirley

UPDATE:  Brandon Craig was brought to trial in March 2009 and on April 1, 2009, he was acquitted.  However, the jury foreman did tell the the media that some of the jury believed that he probably did kill Kevin, Matt, and Luis, but they didn't believe that the state proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt. 

An arrest has been made for the murders of these 3 boys. Brandon Craig, 27, was charged Tuesday November 7, 2006 with three open counts of murder and an unrelated probation violation from a 2004 arrest . If you or anyone you know has any additional information that may help the detectives with this case please contact Lt. Gregg Marcantel at 505-768-4321.

On May 29, 1999 at 11:30pm Kevin Shirley, Matt Hunt, and Luis Garcia were murdered in Kevin’s car at the intersection of Pinon Hills and Jennifer Dr. in the east mountains of Albuquerque, NM in Sandia Park. Within seconds, their car had been showered with a hail of bullets, killing them at the scene. It was mentioned by Bernalillo County Sheriff deputies that a neighbor saw a dark colored SUV blocking Kevin’s car in the road. The car sped away as the neighbor came out to investigate the gunfire. He believes he saw two people in the car. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department is asking for your help in solving this crime.

If you or anyone you know has information about these young men’s murders we urge you to help. If you have information leading to the arrest and indictment of their murderers, the Shirley, Garcia, and Hunt families and the community of Albuquerque and it’s surrounding areas is offering a
$100,000 reward. If you have information leading to the arrest and conviction of their murderers, you will receive up to an additional $1000 reward from Crimestoppers. You may contact Lt. Gregg Marcantel  directly at 505-768-4321 or his e-mail gmarcantel@bernco.gov or call Crimestoppers at 505-843-7867, email the Shirley family kwshirl@wans.net or
e-mail us. Any information about these murders, as insignificant as it seems, may be important! Please help!

Please click here to view a memorial page for Kevin Scott Shirley.


"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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