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Raymond "Ray" Ortega
Bosque Farms, NM

In Bosque Farms, New Mexico, a small community south of Albuquerque on April 15, 1981, Raymond Ortega was found shot to death.

Raymond was shot while asleep at home around 10:30 p.m.  His wife, Irene heard a noise at the back of the house and went to investigate.  Two men grabbed her, she said, and tied her up.  Her teenage son, by a previous marriage, heard his mother's scream and untied her.  When they returned to the house, they discovered Ray's body.  He had been shot with a .38 cal weapon.

Police claim Raymond had a good work record, was prompt, was a welder at Kirtland Air Force Base and was well thought of.

Raymond was very good in karate, a weight lifter, and in top health.  He had plans for his family's future.  Did he know something?  See something?  Suspect something?  Was it a friend or unknown foe that murdered him?  He went to rest in the safest place we all know -(in our own bed) - and he never returned.

No arrests have been made yet.  Law officers can only do so much.  A lot depends on people like you and I.  If you know something regarding this case, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, please call the Valencia County Crimestoppers at 505-843-STOP call the toll free number at 800-432-6933 or email us.  You may remain completely anonymous and receive a reward for your assistance.

Any information about this murder, as insignificant as it seems, may be important!

Please click here to view a memorial page for Raymond "Ray" Ortega.


"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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