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06/12/74 - 11/14/98

Matthew Montoya

Matthew Anthony Montoya's life was abruptly ended in a tragic apartment fire, which was, allegedly, set intentionally by his "friend" Don Jaramillo who took revenge on Matthew because Matthew was a witness to the murder of Anthony C. Garcia in July of 1997, committed by Paul Jaramillio.  Matthew told the authorities the truth when he was questioned.  This truth took him from his family, and especially Adrian (his son), at the age of 24.

The following newspaper notice and eulogy were written for Matthew when his family and friends believed that the fire was a terrible accident.

Matthew had a special love for the young and elderly.  Adrian (his son) was his pride.  Matthew was always willing to reach out and help others, even though he didn't have much in "earthly wealth".  Matthew was good with his hand, even it it was changing the oil in his Dad's car or putting together a computer desk for his Mom (that came in 100's of pieces).  Matthew was very talented, he could do any task he set his mind to and do it well.  When Michelle (his sister) was going to prom he saved up his lunch money and followed her to the restaurant where she went for dinner, he paid the mariachis to serenade her (this was a great deed because he loved to eat). He loved his brother Michael and wanted to please him always, once while on a trip to Phoenix to see the Denver Broncos play, Matt went outside the motel and found an orange tree, he brought the oranges to Michael.  Michael told him, "Matthew they are probably poison."  He said, "No they're not, it's just food, eat them."   When Matthew was asked to administer IV medications to his Nana, he didn't hesitate, while his older brother and sis were "to chicken" to do it.  WE WON'T SAY GOODBYE NOW WE WANT YOU TO KNOW WE LOVE YOU AND WE WILL SEE YOU LATER.  IN JESUS' HANDS WE PLACE YOUR SOUL AND SPIRIT, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN IN PARADISE.  P.S.   We hope you're enjoying all the food in Heaven, 'cause you love to eat'

From your family and friends, especially Adrian.


Born June 12, 1974,  Died Nov. 14, 1998.  Preceded in death by grandparents, Alex and Lela Santillanez (died Oct 7th. 1998.) / Juan and Vivianita Montoya.   Survived by parents Percy and Barbara Montoya.  Brothers Michael Montoya, and Paul Thurston and wife Marilyn, sister Michelle Montoya, son Adrian E. Montoya whom he truly loved.  Aunts, uncles, cousins and niece, and nephew Theresa and Korey Robles.   Matthew never met a stranger, he was a friend to all.  He was loved by whomever he met.  He will be greatly missed.

The Montoya Family


"Someone I Love Was Murdered"

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